Gorey End Review

A review of The Gorey End album in bc magazine from Hong Kong.

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The    Tiger Lillies

The Gorey End

Misery Guts Music/EMI

I'm not the only one to publicly confess to loving The Tiger

Lillies. I could    cite Terry Gilliam, Matt Groening,

Robin Williams, David Byrne, Philip Glass    and Edward

Gorey, the author whose hopeless words and hapless

illustrations    instigated this musical amphigory and

who dropped dead three days before bandleader    Martyn

Jacques was due to meet him. Now add to that list the Kronos

Quartet    who have collaborated with some of the best

avant-garde composers around but    aren't afraid of

compromising their pristine reputation in the worst

possible    taste. Nevermind that the debauched Lillies

are best known for doing unspeakable    things with

hamsters, masturbating with fake sheep and banging in the

nails    to Jesus' cross, their songs celebrate the

cruel ironies of life and death through    a freakshow

of Gorey's Hipdeep family and other unfortunates: the

Besotted    Mother of Florabelle who gets ripped apart

by dogs, the Learned Pig who gets run over by joyriding party pigs,

Jesus On The Windshield ,Trampled    Lilly whose ice

cream dream turns into a melodrama of misery and

prostitution    or l' Histoire De Kay who hangs herself

from her ballet shoe strings.    For this we have to

thank mastermind Martyn Jacques on accordian, ukelele

and    ?castrato' vocals, Adrian Huge on drums, toys and

utensils, Adrian Stout on    double bass, horn and

musical saw plus the violently passionate strings of

the    Kronos Quartet. The Gorey End is not for

Catholics, activists, the easily    offended or the

emotionally unstable; it is for those who love pitch-black

humour    in a lyrical, decadent and delightful cabaret

package. CF