Freakshow review from Munich

The Freakshow opened in Munich and here is a review from the S?ddeutsche Zeitung. The original review was in German so please to be excuse the Google translation.

Google translation of the original German article follows...

The only real freak show

Tiger Lillies in Munich
27.11.2009, 08:48

By Lars Langenau

The Tiger Lillies are looking Tollwood home. The British are nothing but a provocation. A wonderful, wonderful challenge to the being.

It seems bizarre that short people are called freaks. Especially on the stage. One is oddly touched, if midget miniature circus wagons drawn over the boards and the front man of the Tiger Lillies, Martyn Jacques, intones to his falsetto. What are they doing?

A true "freak show" as the title of their show, it did so knowing? The experiment, the cruelty of the circus of the century and the jugglers of the Middle Ages to resurrect? Periods during which were presented to people of other nations like wild animals? Yes, it is tempting to want to insinuate that the British trio.

But after a very short fuse phase, the irritation grandiose gloom and scrapped Sets, tragic songs, the quirky characters in a scene in which everything Peculiar normal. And beautiful, because so strange. Beautiful stranger. And they suggest for self-reflection. For who is the freak? Those who on the stage or we, the viewers?

The Tiger Lillies make a one-off show from vaudeville, pop and rock concerts. They are timeless, somehow fallen out of time. What is it for a time in which a snake woman turns to the musicians and their peppy song about this same Snake Woman so that only the spectator already hurt? No matter. For it is a blissful pain that feels the audience.

Sung High Heels

The short songs by Martyn Jacques (vocals, accordion, piano), Adrian Stout (bass and musical saw), and drummer Adrian Huge change from dark ballads to cheerful polka. As will be celebrated with a lot of high-pitched voice and high heels worships strange creatures.

The Tiger Lillies, with their weird show on the politically correct Tollwood quite a counterpoint - and a glorious it. Like Tom Waits, whose early songs are similar to those of this trio, so they do not fit at all before a crowd Haraway. For the trio from London's notorious Soho looking for the dirt, the red light of port cities, cheap brothels, dives, where past mingles with tears of beer on the counter. And now here it is this broken world of The Threepenny Opera with artificial fog in the dim light in the tents of the world.

The Tiger Lillies show a surprisingly cheerful melancholy, even when they're dancing zombies to separate Siamese twins with a sword, a nymph sing with meter-thick hair and a woman to worship that have multiple hearts in order to endure their fate. The audience they tear, let it sing along with the stomping feet, clap along. The helpers of the trio charm the audience by highly professional, as powerful as death-defying acrobatics.

Overall, the Tiger Lillies walk a fine line between beauty and ugliness. Basically they are a single provocation. Their latest show, however, pushes this game, making them perfect control since its founding in 1989, a grand climax. There are only two hours to spend the Tiger Lillies there on the stage. But they are simply stunning.


The Tiger Lillies even guest appearances up to and including Monday, 30.11., At the Grand Chapiteau at the Tollwood Winter Festival, Theresienwiese. Cards under 0700-38 38 50 24. For more information