Edmund The Learned Pig

"A deaf friendly musical for kids with songs by Martyn Jaques of The Tiger Lillies. Really? Are you sure that's safe?"

What do you get if you cross "our National Playwright for young people" Mike Kenny with songs and music by Martyn Jaques of The Tiger Lillies - "The criminal castrati and his accordion driven anarchic Brechtian street opera trio" Then let them loose on a long forgotten poem by master of the macabre Edward Gorey.


Well first you let it simmer for several months or so then throw into the mix Signed Song Diva Caroline Parker MBE fresh from her star turn at the Paralympics opening ceremony, Garry Robson one of the stars of The Ian Dury Musical "Reasons to Be Cheerful", Lindsay Kemp principal artist Kinny Gardener and tap dance jammer aerialist Annette Walker.

And then well if you're lucky you get a delicious dish like

Edmund The Learned Pig

A short and curly tale of itinerant Circus folk and a Pig who taught himself to read.
At the Royal Exchange Studio October the 9th - 26th

Edmunds the Learned Pig is a Deaf Friendly Musical Play for young shavers of 8+ and their families.
Bonaparte’s travelling circus show and marvellous menagerie was on its uppers. It had a zoo with just pigeons, an aerialist who wouldn’t leave the ground, a chipped plate-spinning act and a Mr Memory who could hardly remember his own name. Not surprisingly no one was coming. Then into their lives came EDMUND THE LEARNED PIG....Marvel as Edmund proves he's no ordinary porker, be amazed as he tries to save the circus...A feast for the whole family.

Fittings Multimedia Arts are a disability led performance company who have been making work since 1995. The Krazy Kat Theatre Company have a 31 year history of creating visual and signed theatre for young audiences. EDMUND THE LEARNED PIG was written by Mike Kenny, an award-winning playwright, specialising in work for young people with songs and music by Martyn Jaques (THE TIGER LILLIES).