December events

Our UK tour my be over, but we have a couple of special events to finish the year off.....

Thanks to everyone who came to see us play on our UK tour, we had

several sold out shows and have had lots of positive feedback from

people who watched us (and only a small number of people that walked

out in disgust/confusion/horror).

We are playing in Prague on Dec 7

for the first time in years. Anyone who has followed us for a while

will know that Prague and the Czech Rep. is one of the spiritual homes

of the band, a place we used to play very often and that played a vital

role in shaping how we developed. We have not played in Prague for a

few years now, so we are all looking forward to coming back and seeing

the old country again.  We are playing at the Archa theatre and

hope it will be as memorable as previous Czech gigs have been.

The Tiger Lillies Circus is playing in Stockholm 11-14 December at the Sodra Theatre, a perfect way to forget about a looming christmas.

On December 18 we are headlining at Lost Vaguenes

in London. This should be a grand affair with 30+ acts,  can-can

girls, cigar smoke swirls, top-hats and tail-feathers, cocktails and

corsets, champagne and casino chips, vaudeville and erotic burlesque.


we have a long rest until Febuary. We will be adding more stuff to the

new site in the near future, pictures, lyrics, gigs and music samples,

Drop us a line if you have any sugestions.