Bad Friday

Row as Tiger Lillies are banned from London church

A funny thing happened on the way to the Chapel

 The following press release was sent out two weeks prior to the

planned concert at the Union Chapel. It was dispatched to all the

London daily news papers with the intent of getting in the listings

sections and possibly obtain a review or two. However, when it reached

the desk of the local paper, the Islington Gazette, things took a

strange turn.

Before you know it the wrath of God is falling on us, we make the front

cover of the Gazette, the concerned citizens of Islington are up in

arms, screaming for our heads to be put on spikes in the name of

decency and the Union Chapel, who booked us for the gig and put us on

on Good Friday, have withdrawn their support and thrown us out of the


We hope this explains to anyone who turned up for the concert why it did not take place.



On Good Friday 28th of March 1997 perverse troubadours, the Tiger

Lillies, are performing at the Union Chapel, Compton Avenue, Islington


Extreme tales of romance, insanity, blasphemy and surreal sexual

practices are all on offer at this event, performed in a demented

decadent accordion-led style that mixes pre war Berlin cabaret from

Hell, strange gypsy music, black comedy, French chanson, and English

music hall.

This Union Chapel gig is on Good Friday. What better day could there be

to hear songs such as "Banging in the Nails", "Jesus" and "Hell" and

what more appropriate place for such a performance. So grab your crown

of thorns, polish your nails and head down to the Union Chapel for a

night of bizarre and blasphemous balladry.

The Tiger Lillies are spending an increasing amount of time in mainland

Europe and this will be one of the few chances audiences are going to

get to see them in London this year. The band will be playing festivals

in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria and Lithuania over the

spring and summer.