The character of Lulu is one of the great creations of 20th Century fiction, and one of its most disturbing. Her unbridled sex appeal, her youth, and her self-destructiveness combine to make her dangerous, unpredictable and tragic. With the men (and the women) who circle her, Lulu’s journey from street prostitute to the toast of Society and back again, is told as a hypnotic and kaleidoscopic dance of death. Journey with her from Berlin to Paris and finally to the dark London streets of Jack The Ripper.

Only 80 minutes long, divided into two acts, the treatment is brilliantly theatrical and hugely entertaining. At first, one worries that Jacques’ comically sinister persona and gloating leers will pall, but the changes in tone and pace are so astutely judged that one is sucked inexorably into his blackly comic and perfectly horrible vision of the world.
— Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph

The Tiger Lillies’ genre-defying brand of other-worldly vocals and unnerving performance style have carved them a unique niche in the cabaret and music theatre scene. After a sell-out run of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner at the Southbank Centre, the cult creators of the award-winning Shockheaded Peternow stage another adaptation of a macabre classic.

The band’s flamboyant live performance is enhanced by large-scale virtual sets that create an immersive and richly atmospheric environment. Across 20 songs and interludes, the ballad of Lulu unfolds as an uncompromising musical and visual melodrama. Running time: 80 minutes



Opera North gratefully acknowledges financial support from PRS for Music Foundation for Lulu: A Murder Ballad. Opera North Projects, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Warwick Arts Centre present Lulu - A Murder Ballad. Directed and Designed : Mark Holthusen Music and words : Martyn Jacques Lighting Design : Tim Skelly Band : The Tiger Lillies Voice, accordion, piano : Martyn Jacques Bass, musical saw, theremin, chorus : Adrian Stout
Percussions : Jonas Golland

Dancer : Laura CaldowBased on Earth Spirit (1895) and Pandora’s Box (1904) by Frank Wedekind. Commissioned by Opera North Projects. Support from PRS for Music Foundation Performed by The Tiger Lillies and Laura Caldow. ) Age advisory 16+