Jonas Golland is from London but partly grew up in America studying and working in theatre, and tinkering with drums, percussion, piano, guitars, sampling, noise and composition. After studying in the UK he initiated spoken word saxophone band I Am Meat. After Adrian Stout saw them perform at Evidently Chickentown, he asked Jonas to play drums with the Tiger Lillies in Santiago, Chile in January 2015. In March 2017 he began his travel blog after over a year of writing about the tours. Jonas has performed and recorded with Michael Rosen & the Dulce Tones (Ali Friend of Red Snapper), Hugh Metcalf, Peter Maas(Freeez), The A Band (Neil Campbell), Asier Leatxe Ibañez d'Opakoa, Marie Portier, Dr. Equalizer, Gardyloo SPeW, Man From Uranus, Led-Z, Rude Mechanicals, Lonesome Cowboys From Hell, Paradise 9, Nik Turner, composed modular loops for Robotics at Imperial College with Kyuhwa Lee. Been especially performing and recording with avant-classical songwriter Psychoyogi, In recent months Gardyloo's new improvisation band Chunkitini has featured Jonas performing written word to music.

Theatre / Drumming in noise, jazz bands and musicals including La Cage aux Folles and Joseph in the 90s, Jonas was mainly acting in Sonoma County USA, including leads in Chekov’s Seagull and Bogosian’s Suburbia, and got a pie in the face from Eat the Fish. While directing and producing Baraka’s Dutchman in a rock venue, the lead actor deserted, so Jonas played the main role of Clay. 
Jonas has taught drums since 2007 but not on video. 
Composing for video credits include Bob Baldwin , Eat the Fish Presents, Jonas Marczy, Josh Jacobsen and Solomon Rothman. 
The Tiger Lillies have always made Jonas laugh but he loves songs like Gypsy Lament. He has enjoyed working with them around the world, and on his birthday in Copenhagen a complete stranger gave him a rotten birthday cake in the street.

Materials /Jonas has sliced cymbals and tubing, made a thunder sheet, tests drumsticks and more collaboration with handyman Julian Bryden. He likes Matt Nolan, Hammerax, but doesn't afford or need them yet, ceramics, metal and other unintended sound objects. Cymbals include Zildjan, Istanbul, Supernatural, but lately Paiste 2002 are the best.