The Archa Theatre opens its fall season with the premiere of its new production Zde jsem člověkem! Here I am Human! The new project, a collaboration between the British band The Tiger Lillies, director Jiří Havelka and Irish dramatist Jocelyn Clarke, will have its premiere on September 19 2010. Ondřej Hrab, the artistic director of the theatre, said: “After a series of annual concerts we approached the band with an offer to create an original musical show for the Archa Theatre.


The Tiger Lillies accepted the offer and created a number of new songs, which are thematically linked to François Rabelais’s medieval novel Gargantua and Pantagruel. The lyrics of these songs are characterized by the distinctive logic of depravity, the world turned upside down, constant oscillation between “upper” and “lower” social classes and fascination with various manifestations of carnality.”



Producer: Ondřej Hrab, Archa Theatre, Prague / Director: Jiří Havelka / Script: Jocelyn Clarke / Sets: Dáda Němeček / 
Photography: David Kumermann. The songs were created for Zde jsem člověkem! Here I am Human! produced by the Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic.