"Welcome to the Carnival of Circus Freaks
The Bleeding Lady the blood from her leaks
Here is a place where you can buy crack
Lobotomised whores who you can slap."

The Freakshow presents the mutation of the Tiger Lillies 1999 cd 'Circus Songs'. New outcasts have their story presented for your listening pleasure.The Snake Woman, Three Legged Jake, Rosa with 3 Hearts, the Fat Lady, Deathless Man, Normo, Bleeding Lady, Matchstick Man, Flipper Boy, The Bleeding Lady, Ugly Joe, Hairy Man and the Sleeper all cavort for your entertainment. A carnival of oddities, but who is the freak, them or YOU?




Martyn Jaques : Lead Vocals, Accordion, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano
Adrian Stout : Double Bass, Theremin, Musical Saw, Backing Vocals
Adrian Hughes : Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals Engineered, recorded and mixed by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland, East Lothian, Scotland except for Lobotomy overdub vocals recorded at Tin Pan Alley Studio and mixed at Wolf Studio
Mastered at Wolf Studios by Dominique Brethes, London © 2008 MISERY GUTS MUSIC / TIGER 018


Artists: Irene Hofer, Rolando Hofer Little BIG People Kiki Nikolaidou The woman with three hearts Lena Ries or Alba Contortion Ele and Julia Janke  Aerials and siam twins Lorenzo Mastropietro Hut Juggling/ Thomas Romir Juggling The Creators: Idea, Book, Set Design & Direction Sebastiano Toma Choreography Sophia Spyratou Costume Design Claire Bracewel Puppet Design Dimitris Stamou, Demi Papada – MERLIN PUPPET THEATRE Director assistant and wig for Amanda Kati Heiman Light Design Sakis Birbilis Produced by Badminton Theatre & ADaM Productions Producer Michail Adam Executive Producer Hara Hristopoulou