The "Tiger Lillies" sing about death, guilt and punishment, violently and cannily. They consure up the spirit of Tom Waits shifted to a cabaret of the thirties. You don´t know whether Martyn Jacques, singer and songwriter of the group, owes the lyrics of his songs and ballads to his good connection to heaven or to hell.

Anyway the audience gets goose-flesh when he starts his trip to a long forgotten vaudeville atmosphere with his high falsetto voice, urged by the tunes of his accordion coming from far beyond, joined by his devilish mate Adrian Stout on the bass and Adrian Huge on the left over bits of his drum set.Inspired by the London cult band "Tiger Lillies", top-artists of the international variety scene unfold archaic dreams of life, love and the impossible.



Idea, Directed & Set Design by Sebastiano Toma
Musik by The Tiger Lillies
Music & Lyrics by Martyn Jacques