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Audio System and Lighting Specifications

THE TIGER LILLIES sound requirements by Claus Buehler and Adrian Stout

The Tiger Lillies are a three-piece acoustic band.

Martyn Jacques - vocals, accordion, piano, ukulele

Adrian Stout - vocals, upright bass, theremin, guitar, musical saw

Jonas Golland - vocals, drums


Please provide on stage:


one (1) good quality grand piano (Yamaha C3 preferred) recently tuned to 440Hz

one (1) piano stool with height adjustment

one (1) drum kit (see below for details)

one (1) bass amp (see below of details)

two (2) chairs (without arms)

two (2) music stands

three (3) small bottles of still water

hazer and/or smoke machine

two (2) 240V power outlet (110V in US/Canada)


Drum kit

We need a good quality pro level jazz drum kit to be provided for our shows.

Sonor, Gretsch, Yamaha, Tama or DW preferred brands

one (1) 14" (floor) tom-tom or similar, with white head coated heads

one (1) 16", 18" or 20" bass drum

one (1) snare drum with white coated heads

four (4) cymbal stands with at least one boom stand

one (1) snare stand

one (1) hi-hat stand

one (1) pair of hi-hat cymbals

one (1) bass drum pedal

one (1) adjustable drum stool (spinning preferred)

one (1) drum carpet



We need a grand piano (Yamaha C3 prefered/Steinway also acceptable) provided for our shows.

Electric keyboards/pianos are suitable in a rock club/festival. A baby grand piano is acceptable only if space/loading/cost is a problem, please inform our management before the show if this is an issue. We are willing to discuss an electric piano if cost or loading is a major problem as a good quality electric piano is better than no piano or a cheap upright piano at the end of the day!

So, if the venue is a rock club or large festival stage then a high quality, 88-note weighted electric piano, such as a Yamaha CP5, Clavinova or Nord Stage, is usually better than an acoustic piano. Less feedback issues and faster to sound check. If your sound technician is a genius then by all means plonk a grand piano on a festival stage, but in our experience we have better results in rock venues and outdoor festivals with a pro electric stage piano.

We have found that upright pianos are not good enough for most shows, so if you are thinking of providing an upright then please inform us before the show. It may be better to hire in a high quality 88-note weighted keyboard than rent a sub-standard upright piano. Better you check with us first to decide.


Acoustic Guitar

We need a professional nylon string acoustic guitar with pickup provided for our shows (Takamine, Taylor, Guild, Yamaha)

Bass Amp

A Gallien-Krueger MB 150 (Mk II or III preferred) for double bass. Similar amps by AER, Phil Jones, Mark Bass, Ampeg, or other pro bass amp are also acceptable, 150W minimum. For smaller venues the double bass can use the monitors, but a suitable bass amp is very helpful. For larger stages and festivals then provide an Ampeg SVT and 4 x 10" cabinet or similar. 

Stage Plan. Click to enlarge

The band sets up in a diamond formation, with Martyn at the front and the bass and drums set slightly behind, on stage left and right. Piano to be set behind the centre vocal position. The piano should be about 1.5 m from the front vocal position. Please set the band up as close to the front of the stage as possible.

The band will provide a pre-show USB stick of suitable pre-show music to the venue.

General System notes

The band sometimes travels without a sound technician for most shows, however we prefer to use our own technician so please contact management for confirmation and his contact details before the concert day.

If our sound technician is traveling with the band he will arrive at the venue to set the PA up prior to the band’s arrival. Please ensure that an in-house technician or representative from the PA hire company will be there on his arrival to assist with set-up.

When using in-house sound technicians also please ensure that all PA systems and lights are installed, set-up and tested at least two hours before the band arrives at the venue to ensure a quick low-stress sound check. We hope that when we arrive on stage all mics are on stands and line-checked ready to be positioned, DI boxes set, the piano is tuned and miked-up and the monitors and mics have a basic monitor level ready to start.

The band will arrive at the venue about three hours before the house opens. Sound checks should take no more than 90–120 minutes.

A good quality PA with high definition is required such as d&b.

We need a 4-on-4 (4 sends to 4 speakers) monitor system. The bass monitor and drum monitor should be 12" minimum to provide enough bass-frequencies, 15" is preferred. The accordion and piano monitor can also be a 12" driver. ALL monitors should be floor-wedges. In a very small club suitable (smaller) monitors can be used provided they have a full range.

Side-fills can also be used, though they are not essential for most concerts.

The band require these instruments in their monitors:

Drums - Front vox, accordion, bass, piano vox, piano, drum vox, bass vox, kick drum, uke, guitar

Front Position - Front vox, accordion, bass, uke, guitar, drum O/H, drum vox, bass vox

Bass - Front vox, accordion, bass, piano vox, guitar, uke, piano, drum O/H, kick drum, snare, drum vox, bass vox, theremin,

Piano - Piano vox, piano, bass, guitar, uke, drum O/H, drum vox, bass vox


We need a (minimum) 32-channel desk of good quality (Midas, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Crest, Mackie).

Each channel must have (minimum):

Low-Cut, Low-Shelf, two (2) parametric Mids, Hi-Shelf, eight (8) Aux-Sends (4 pre for monitoring, 4 post for Effect-Sends)

Each channel must provide 48V phantom-power and a plug-socket for inserts.

For sound check we need a SM58 at the desk for talkback.


We need four (4) de-esser/compressors, eight (8) is better, sixteen (16) is perfect! (DBX, BSS or similar preferred)

A good quality reverb unit is required. Something like a Yamaha, Lexicon or TC Electronics.

Microphones & DIs

For detailed microphone wishes, see channel-plan.

We can always accept alternative mics depending on the venue (except vocal mics should always be Shure SM) but please try and follow our suggestions.

Five (5) 1/4"mono jack-to-jack instrument cables (6 m length).

Six (6) active DI-Boxes (accordion, contrabass, theremin, ukulele, guitar, lap steel). Radial or BSS preferred.

All four (4) vocal mic stands must be tall stands with telescopic booms.

One (1) upright microphone stand for mounting the theremin.

One (1) 240V (110 v in US/Canada) power outlet at the bass position for the theremin, pedals and tuner.

For sound check, pre-show and in the intermission we need a mixing desk that can play MP3 from a USB stick.

Lighting Plan

The band require a dark floor.

The Tiger Lillies lighting should be kept simple. The colour washes together with the three spots from the front should be regarded as the minimum requirements. The show should be operated manually, using slow crossfades and no chases. Generally lower levels are much more effective. The specials should all be tight-focussed to the performers with soft edges. The Tiger Lillies require mood lighting, with the colour washes enhanced by use of the specials from the front, behind and the floor. The general tempo and instrumentation of the numbers should dictate the use of colour for the general stage lighting levels and choice of specials.

The lighting of the show should evoke 1930s cabaret, expressionist film, theatre, so dramatic shadows and high contrast are encouraged. Please try and avoid modern lighting effects (Vari-Lites, lasers, computer anything).

Haze and smoke effects are particularly suited to The Tiger Lillies style. Lots of fog is good.

The show requires some concentration to operate, but with simple colour changes and careful use of the specials an effective result can be achieved quite easily.

Stage management and show times


The Tiger Lillies prefer to perform without a support act, we usually play two complete full-length sets and so do not require or need a support act. We also do not want to have to move our instruments and monitors to accommodate a support as we have many delicate instruments that need careful positioning. We assume and hope that an audience have come to see us perform and so we prefer to not have the distraction and inconvenience of a support act, no matter how small, nice, similar, different, or good they are. We like to create a unique atmosphere for the audience that can be easily broken by a support group. After twenty-five years we think that is fair enough.

We don't mind photography but would ask that patrons refrain from flash and irritating the other members of the audience during the show by filming constantly. Press should take photos at the start of the concert with flash and then leave the stage area and continue without flash. Please inform press that we require copies of all photos to be sent to our PR person.

The Tiger Lillies play two sets of 45 minutes each (90 minutes in total). Please notify the band 30 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes before the concert starts.

At the start of the show, drop the houselights and have someone make a small introduction through the PA such as,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome… The Tiger Lillies."

This will also serve as the cue for the band to enter the stage. The band will play 45 minutes and then take a 20-minute break. We prefer if a bar is in the same room as the stage that it be closed during the performance. It should only be open before and after the show and during intermission.

After the break please make a second announcement,

"Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome back… The Tiger Lillies."

which will be the cue for the band to enter the stage again for the second set.

The band will play another forty-five minutes plus any encores. Once the band has finished playing they will proceed straight to the foyer to sign CDs.


The Tiger Lillies always sell CDs at their show. As an independent band this is a vital part of our job as it provides an opportunity for our fans to meet the band and purchase CDs that are difficult to obtain in shops. Please provide a well-lit table in the foyer where the band can sell and sign CDs. We would also like the venue to arrange a person to sell merchandise before the show, at intermission and after the show. After the encores we will proceed to the merchandise table to encourage people to buy CDs and give autographs. CDs will be sent to the venue or promoter in advance, please provide a contact address for delivery. After the show we sometimes need to arrange collection of unsold CDs by FedEx or post. We will provide the correct paperwork so that the CDs can be shipped at the band’s expense. Adrian Stout is responsible for merchandise, speak to him when he arrives at the venue or before the event.

Transport Requirements

Check with management about luggage requirements before booking flights.

The band will bring accordion, electric upright double bass, and some percussion. The double bass is in a hard case 1.6 m x 0.8 m x 0.6 m, weight 22 kg.

Please arrange collection to and from the airport to venue/hotel. The minimum size of vehicle required is an eight-seater people carrier, or large estate/combi/station wagon able to fit the luggage and three band members, sound man, and driver.


Please book the band on a normal airline (British Airways preferred), as low-cost and budget airlines such as Ryan Air, EasyJet, Air Baltic, etc. will charge so much for the excess baggage that they will be more expensive and drive us all mad with their unreasonable policy on musical instruments. The airline should have a baggage allowance of 23 kg per person and allow one carry-on plus a laptop.

Adrian Stout requires 2 bags booked on all flights, one for the travel double bass and one for his luggage. 

British Airways is best for the band as excess baggage is never a problem.

Please confirm all flights with our agent before booking to prevent mistakes.

Hotel Requirements

Hotels should always be four- or five–star.

All rooms paid by the promoter.

All rooms should have a double bed (with a superior room for Martyn).

All rooms should have en suite bathrooms.

All rooms should have a phone, wifi internet access (at no cost to the band) and a television.

Breakfast should be provided at no additional cost.

We prefer a decent hotel close to the venue or in a downtown location, with a gym is nice but not essential.

Boutique/Classic/Arty/Character hotels are better than a soulless corporate business hotel. We don't need a conference room, but we do like to be close to amenities and the centre of town. If you want to go mad and put us in the best hotel in town we won't complain.

Please run hotel bookings past Tim and he will confirm that they are ok.

Dressing Room

Please provide one dressing room big enough for 4-6 people with hot and cold running water, four (4) chairs and a sofa, mirror with lights for makeup application. En suite bathroom would be an advantage.

We would also like three (3) towels, soap, two (2) packs of facial makeup wipes (the nice kind Neutrogena, Simple, etc., not baby wipes) for removal of our makeup.

Please provide a refrigerator and kettle.

Food & Drink, Misc

English-language newspapers (so we have something to do before the show)

small bottles of still mineral water

fruit juice, soft drinks

one (1) pot of coffee, one (1) pot tea

selection of teas


fresh fruit selection

crisps, dips and nice chocolate

one (1) bottle good quality red wine

one (1) COLD bottle good quality white wine

one (1) case COLD bottled pilsner type lager beers (12 minimum). No American beer please (Boston Lager and such, it’s not lager as we understand it and we don't like it)

bottle opener/corkscrew

light food selection (such as sandwiches, soup, salad, fish, cheese, crackers, bread, fruit).

Please have food available when the band arrives, i.e. during the sound check, so they have time to digest before the show.

If you want to make the band REALLY happy, they would love a more substantial hot meal before or after the show. Please check when band arrive if they need a meal to be prepared or to be taken to a restaurant. A cash buyout is also acceptable for dinner.

Dietary requirements: Martyn and Adrian have no dietary requirements, Jonas is a vegitarian and would prefer a vegan meal if available. 

Please have three (3) cold lager beers (bottle or draught) ready in the dressing room during the interval. After the show The Tiger Lillies will sign CDs in the foyer or where the CDs are on sale. Please have three (3) cold beers available at the point of sale at the close of the show. Did we mention we like a cold beer? It’s thirsty work being in a band and we are happier to mingle with your audience after a show with a cold beverage in our hands.

For additional information please contact Tim Whitehead: [email protected] / +44 (0)7917 755835.